While we'd love for you to be 在这里 in Arkadelphia with us each day (it is the most beautiful place on earth) we know most of our Alumni are out being difference makers around the state, the country 和 literally the world! 帮助你保持联系 到正规网赌软件下载,正规网赌软件下载创造了一个虚拟的家. 你可以在这里找到相关信息 关于即将到来的活动,您可以为您的孩子报名参加正规网赌软件下载的 老虎训练项目, 参考学生 给正规网赌软件下载的招生顾问,正规网赌软件下载的 办公室的职业 & 调用 -是的,在你毕业后仍然可以使用! 你也可以 请求记录, update your information so you don't miss an issue of the 正规网赌软件下载圆 Alumni杂志和 提交课堂笔记 这样正规网赌软件下载就可以和你的同学分享你的更新. 你也可以正规网赌软件下载 脸谱网, 推特 和 Instagram 以及联系其他Alumni LinkedIn.

如果你碰巧在这附近,正规网赌软件下载很想见你! 到办公室来一趟 of Alumni Relations (first floor of Cone-Bottoms Hall) w在这里 we have sodas, coffee 还有其他好吃的东西等着欢迎你回家.

We hope you'll come back, give back 和 keep in touch as much as possible. 










Raised Through Tiger Tunes at Ouachita 同学会 Since 1979



Legacy children enrolled in the 培训了老虎 Legacy Program


的 老虎网络领导奖计划 is a special project of the Office of Alumni Relations designed to reward 和 encourage growth in excellent student leaders choosing 参加正规网赌软件下载. Award recipients will participate in leadership activities including service opportunities, seminars 和 networking events with university administration, 社区领导和校园学生领导. 另外,接受者也会收到 1000美元的奖学金.*

To be considered for the award, students must meet Ouachita’s minimum requirements 无条件入学:2.75/4.高中平均成绩0分,ACT/ SAT成绩20分. 他们必须 也由瓦希塔Alumni提名. Alumni不能推荐 直系亲属(子女或兄弟姐妹). 每个奖项的颁发数量 年度根据可用资金的不同而不同. 奖金的部分资金来自正规网赌软件下载许可证 板项目. Alumni最多可推荐四名学生供考虑.

新2021 - 22所示

Students cannot apply for the Tiger Network Leadership award without first being nominated 由一个女Alumni/Alumni. Once a nomination form is received, the nominated student will 收到带有链接的电子邮件申请该奖项. 一旦这两个都被接收到, 提名和申请流程已完成. 请问问瓦希塔大学的毕业生 that you know well so he or she can speak to your leadership experience 和 be patient 和 respectful as they may receive multiple requests for nominations. 如果你收到 多个提名,您只需要申请一次. 如果你收到额外的邮件 让你填写申请表,干脆置之不理.

Applications for students entering Ouachita in the Fall of 2022 are due by 5 p.m.12月. 1, 2021. 的 selection committee will review applications, 和 recipients will be notified 1月. 应用ing for this award does not substitute for the regular scholarship application 过程.

For questions about the 老虎网络领导奖计划, e-mail Alumni@www.vipydt.com.

*$500 will be awarded for the student's first semester 和 $500 will be added for the Spring semester if recipients attend the events required in the fall.


AR-Ouachita-Baptist-University 的 Tiger Network Leadership Award Scholarship is funded in part by the purchase 瓦希塔的车牌号在阿肯色州车管所里. 越多的Alumni和朋友 drive with Tiger pride, the more students we can help attend Ouachita. 板块 35美元,除定期续展费外. 见税务局代表或访问 专业板块网站 在这里 为进一步的细节.


老虎的生活 是与正规网赌软件下载本身一样古老的事物的反映吗. 这个校园,这个经历, 这个家庭在你心中占有一席之地,并将伴随你一生!

老虎的生活 is thankful to those whose support preserved Ouachita in the past, celebrates 和 promotes the Ouachita of today, 和 joins with others to guarantee Ouachita's existence 未来的学生.

的 老虎的生活 br和 was created in the spring of 2010 by a group of 13 Ouachita students working 在课堂项目中. 对这些学生来说,这不仅仅是一项作业. It 成为了他们给正规网赌软件下载未来的“礼物”.

的 老虎的生活 initiative is now led by members of the Ouachita Student Foundation. 的y host various activities throughout the year to encourage students to live a life 感恩和博爱. 这包括对那些帮助过我的人的感激 make their educational experience at Ouachita possible, but also engagement with non-profits 还有与每个学生的热情相联系的事工. 所有即将入学的学生 a Tiger for For Life t-shirt during WOW (freshman orientation) 和 the flagship OSF philanthropy event is 老虎的生活 week which is hosted each spring with various philanthropy-focused事件.



老虎生命播客 launched in April of 2020 as a way to connect 和 engage Alumni during the COVID-19 流感大流行. 的 Alumni Relations Office plans to continue to produce regular content in the future hearing stories 和 updates from Ouachita Alumni 和 friends. 你可以 在这里或以下播客平台上收听:


的 Ouachita community is a family 和 the 正规网赌软件下载Alumni关系 team works hard 连接正规网赌软件下载的圈子.  因为孩子是家庭的基石,正规网赌软件下载想 pay special attention to our Future Tigers 和 help them build Ouachita pride from 他们的早期.

有遗产的孩子就读于正规网赌软件下载的 培训了老虎 legacy program will receive four gifts from Ouachita on milestone birthdays:


Additionally, parents will receive a newsletter with helpful tips written by Ouachita 教职员工.  Each year, the children will also receive a birthday card from Alumni团队.

Enrollment is free 和 is open to children 和 gr和children of Ouachita Alumni. To 注册,只需填写一份 关于孩子的课堂笔记 它们会自动添加到程序中.


的 Alumni关系处 hosts various events throughout the year to help Alumni 保持彼此之间以及与母校之间的联系. 这是高级晚宴上的 graduating from Ouachita to Gold Tiger Weekend for those graduating 50 years ago or more, we hope you’ll join us for an on-campus event or an event near you soon.




郊游 & 聚会


Have a question or want to contact our Alumni relations team? 给正规网赌软件下载留言 正规网赌软件下载会尽快和你联系的!